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Barriers and hurdles

Well... I haven't even gotten off the ground yet, and the difficulties are already arising.

1.) Due to Friday's earthquake in Japan, Abbott Labs covid test processing facility is offline. Abbott is the worlds largest processor of covid tests (the resultant negative certificate of which is required for travel). They are unable to give certificates "for a couple of days", they say. So... Walgreens gave me an informal, unofficial printout of my negative result and prayerfully, we hope the airline accepts that;

2.) I am connecting thru Frankfurt with only a 1.5hr layover and I just received this notification from the airlines:

" As you prepare for your upcoming flight, we'd like to let you know that there are planned security strikes at Frankfurt Airport. Customers who are connecting through Frankfurt may experience delays at security checkpoints. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks for choosing United Airlines."

And similarly, but more ominously from Lufthansa:

"Dear Lufthansa Passenger,

Due to a strike by security staff at Frankfurt Airport on 15 March, there may be restrictions at the security checks in the transit area in Frankfurt. However, travel via Frankfurt is possible in principle, but we kindly ask you to check the status of your flight before departure. Please also reduce your hand luggage as much as possible to allow for a quick check-in at the security checkpoints in the transit area in Frankfurt. Please do not leave the transit area in Frankfurt under any circumstances. A return to this area to your departure gate is then no longer possible. More information to follow."

Stay tuned for updates.

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