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Nai's Little Pouch

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

There is a youngster named Nai in my church back in Texas who has found his way into a very special place in my heart. I am confident that you will concur.

Nai is a specially gifted youngster who is as much a 'man' at his slight age of about 13 as I am at 60. In the days and weeks before I left the states to come back to Ukraine, Nai came to me at every opportunity to express his concern for Ukraine. He constantly offered me encouragement and let me know he would be praying for me on my coming trip. Every time he expressed his concern for Ukraine and for the Ukrainian people. Then, just the day before I left, he asked me if he could give me something to take. Having no idea what it was, but seeing the serious nature of the issue to him, I said "Sure!" It's not like I don't have a lot to carry already, with three suitcases of medical supplies, body armor, etc, so I glowingly braced myself for something big. I mean, whatever it is he wants me to take might take an extra bag, right? But, as he reached into his pocket, graciously he said "Don't worry, it's not too big. I have it right here". He pulled out a little pouch full of coins with a drawstring tied tightly shut.

As he placed it in my hand, he said he had been saving up for a long time and wanted me to take his savings to Ukraine to help orphans. What a touching display of compassion and understanding. What a pure-hearted act of merciful kindness. So, I took Nai's little pouch and told him that God would multiply it and use it in an amazing way. At that moment I didn't know how true those words would turn out to be!

I put his little pouch in my backpack that I carry on board with me during my travels, and as I had an opportunity to share Nai's sensitive and compassionate gesture with others, showing them his little pouch, they became inspired to contribute to his idea as well. The first was a German youngster who has a similar adopted upbringing as Nai's, so Nai's story resonated with her in a very personal way. I watched as she collected up her life savings of $5 and gave it up to the cause. She wanted to know how much that multiplied the amount that was already in Nai's pouch, so for the first time, she and I dumped all his coins out and counted them - $ 5.06. She had effectively doubled it and was visibly pleased. Next, a lady from Utah said "You know, God can multiply that more than ten-fold!" Then she reached into her purse and pulled out a $50 dollar bill. WOW! The next contribution came from a Polish farmer of $100. Next an Aggie who upped it with a contribution of $3,000. Then another of $5,000! What a fish and loaves story, like that of Matthew 14 where he takes the generous contribution of a small boy and feeds thousands! Only in this story, each contribution is even bigger than the last!

Nai has since encouraged others in his family to donate their spare change, which they gladly did. He then took it to the bank (Brenham National Bank) and made a deposit into the account of Knowable Truth in the amount of $ 34.56. That makes a total so far of $8,160.56!! From five dollars and six cents to over EIGHT THOUSAND dollars!!

I have no idea how we are going to use that money yet, but this, I DO know. For sure. I know for sure that in the coming six weeks, I will be searching for the most meaningful way to help orphans in Ukraine, specifically as Nai requested. I will continue to share his story and his heart with people whose paths touch mine and will give time for his savings to be multiplied yet further. If YOU would like to contribute to Nai's pouch, feel free to donate through any of the apps on the website, or through Faith MIssion, or a direct deposit to Knowable Truth at Brenham National Bank. Just write "Nai's Pouch" on it and I will make sure it goes to this purpose. Keep in mind that no contribution is ever too small. God will take your gesture of compassionate kindness and multiply it many times over to fulfill HIS purposes.

Nai... I am proud to know you and to have you on the Ukrainian Strong team! God bless ya, brother!

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Nai Ginnard
Nai Ginnard
21 nov 2022

I love Ukraine and United States. Remember pray for Ukraine

Me gusta
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