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Knowable TRUTH

A non-profit organization dedicated to seeking truth, applying it in our lives in service to others.  There is such a thing as 'truth'.  It is absolute, and it is knowable.  If you are led to seek truthful answers to life's most enduring questions, this is the place for you!

Unearthing the facts

It's not a mystery... 

God's revealed Word can be clearly seen in history, science, and other observable metrics.
The answers to human-kind's most daunting questions about origins & meaning of life, morality, and destiny are all discoverable and knowable.

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 "Bill is able to hold your hand and walk you through the process of learning in a way that you feel you are not alone."
-Michael Timothy, Discipleship Student

Tools for your Toolbox COMING SOON

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Bible Chapter Summaries

One-page summaries of each chapter of the Bible.  Each summary offers background and setting for the chapter, a general outline and a textual summary.  Also includes Vocabulary, Names & Cultural Influences along with Helpful Connections in History and to other passages of Scripture.

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Apologetics Classes

Internal and external evidence that confirms the truthfulness of Scripture.  The evidence exists because the Bible is true, not the other way around.  the very rocks cry out the truthfulness of Scripture, and we can experience it by exploring history, archeology, fulfilled prophecy, and many other vectors of approach.


Video Archive

Video library of such tyopics as:

     - Sermons

     - Apologetics presentations

     - Biblical Exposition

     - Chapter Summaries

     - Topical Studies

     - and much more

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Online Discussion Forums & Discipleship

One-on-one discussions are possible for more in-depth sharing and edification.  Please contact us via email.

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Mission work

A central component to Knowable TRUTH. Presently, the outreach mission work is dedicated to providing those fleeing Ukraine with supplies, support, and the Gospel.

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We stand with Ukraine. 

Subscribe to stay in-the-know, pray and donate if led to join arms with the cause.

Weekly Schedule

The Truth is 

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