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Beauty from the Beast

Look what beauty of a child can come from the scars created by the beast...

What a resilient attitude even the smallest child here has... "Of lemons, we will make lemonade!" or perhaps, "We will not be pushed asunder." They simply refuse to be dominated by the chaos of the day and insist on turning it to something meaningful.

Imagine the armament that it took to make all these holes in this driveway gate to a private home. That is all there is here in this quaint little private enclave of Moshchyn - private homes. You can see some of the holes in the center of the flowers are shrapnel scars from the intense artillery bombardment from afar of this village. Slightly smaller holes were made by small cannon fire mounted atop the Russian infantry fighting vehicles, and large-caliber machine guns (7.62mm) likewise mounted. The smallest of holes small arms fire as men walked down the street and into the driveways firing their AK-47's in all directions at anything.

It is a barbaric story but the flip side of that coin is one of resilience!

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Well said Beauty from the beast.

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