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Bless the Lord oh My Soul

Just a quick note before I head back to the border. When I left the shopping mall - turned - refugee center, I had a van full, and I mean FULL with all my own stuff, 8 people and all their life belongings. I drove them to the boarding facility at the church house, itself. As we entered about a half hour earlier than expected, what a pleasant surprise. The stunning aroma of home made pasta and chicken veggie soup waiting. The Praise n Worship band was practicing the tried and true "Bless the Lord oh My Soul" in Ukrainian! The guests simply melted. I was happily chastised by the newcomers because I had told them all about the place and the church and the beds, etc but I had failed to mention that all of the people on staff there and housed there are Ukrainian, too. So it was like a good old fashioned fashioned homecoming party as they all sat down to eat. I was the only odd-man-out, but made to feel anything but that. I was given the honor of saying Grace, after which the little 12yr old boy, as they do everywhere, anxiously awaited the final "Amen".

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