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Bombed-out Bridges

Updated: May 5, 2022

Over a year and a half in 1860-1861, the Pony Express was legendary for its reliable mail delivery under harsh cicumstances. Their mantras included "The mail must go through" and "Rain, shine, sleet or snow" and other such slogans of steadfastness. Their deliveries included news, letters, and other short, written pieces. Welllll... it has been a difficult spring over here, and it's been rainin', shinin', sleetin' and snowin'. We have pushed hard daily (and often times, nightly) to be sure your contributions have counted for something - and they have. More on that later. Right now, I just wanna show how readily I can relate to the Pony Express as my valiant, white, sway-backed steed manouvers his way across a bombed-out bridge.

I am not sure if even the Pony Express had such challenges. Rest assured though, this life-sustaining delivery is FAR more than just a letter, and it is getting thru, come hell, high water or holey bridges.

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