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Building Community

As refugees begin to move into the Ukrainian church with which we are cooperating closely, and into their rented boarding house, we are starting to conduct events focused on building community. These people have been thrown together haphazardly and unnaturally. Notwithstanding, they have a common strength of character and perspective that is inspiring. They have a common Christian faith that serves as a foundation for their new 'family'. So, Pastor Andreii Klopkov and his team are putting together BBQ's and field trips that offer a more relaxed environment in which to get to know each other better.

Pastor Klopkov (white plaid shirt) and team of Elders, including Andrei Fesenko, who with his wife, Ella, have teken me in like a beloved stray puppy.

This weekend we are planning a field trip to Budapest for about 13-14 kids, much like an old elementary school field trip of our own youth. We will load up my van and another with kids and set out at 06:00AM and plan to simply offer them a change of scenery, a fresh look at a different world, and to help them have fun - TOGETHER! That is something they are sorely lacking.

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