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Care Packages in Kharkiv

Watching the news will give you all the information you'll need to know the desperate situation in that city. Here are a couple of 30 second videos that show care packages being delivered. In the video in which the narrator is speaking Ukrainian, if you listen carefully you will hear him thanking Chappell Hill Bible Fellowship and Ella Fesenko, our local alliance partner, for these supplies. Please take just one short minute, about 70 seconds actually, to watch these videos and you will see irrefutable evidence of the impact YOUR contributions are making. May God richly bless you all for your help.

Now that you have seen the image of reality, can ANYONE tell me that providing help to one small group at a time doesn't make a difference? It may only be 'one starfish at a time...' but to THAT one, it made a big difference. Again, blessings to you all for your contributions and support.

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