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Easter Sunset

After delivering a load of food and supplies to the southern cities of Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia (say that three times real fast!), I was invited to offer the Sunday morning church service at a local church in the latter. What a blessing! There is a difference between our calendar and their's in that this week is celebrated as Palm Sunday over here while it is Easter Sunday in the States. Perhaps one day we will align calendars to celebrate together as one.

Along our drives, some of which are quite long and involved, I am taking many 'windshield shots', photos taken thru the windshield. Time simply doesn't allow us to stop for pictures. Trying to dodge potholes and obstacles at highway speeds, curfew hours that limit our circulation at night, and just putting in the hours and the miles to get these supplies to people who need them is a full-time job that does not allow the luxury of quality still shots. However, on THIS day, the day of the resurrection of our Lord, a day on which hangs all of our Christian faith, a day which offers evidence for the veracity of Scripture, and the day that makes possible our very salvation - on THIS day I had to stop to take these pictures of sunset near Zaporizhzhia. To me, these photos remind us of the sunset of Friday's crucifixion and the budding of new life of Easter. I hope to frame these together when I get home.

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