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Feed My Sheep

Updated: May 4, 2022

Today we are in the French hypermarket 'Makro' in Krakow buying palettes of food items to take tomorrow into Ukraine. Just in the last 10 minutes we have been blessed with yet another van, a second one, that we will fill up and caravan together to Lviv.

These are basic food items like rice, beans, grains of all kinds, cooking oil, protein bars, canned proteins like sardines, Spam, beef hash, chocolate bars, electrolytes, and other essential items. Our focus is on sustenance for life, not culinary pleasure. We have included coffee and tea as one of those pleasureable 'pick-me-ups' that can have a positive psychological impact, as well. Every dollar that you contributed to this is going directly to the cash register at the hypermarkets and the gas stations to procure and move these items to churches inside Ukraine. No overhead at all. These churches in turn redistribute it into the local communities. We will take these 2 vans full tomorrow to the city of Lviv where a portion will be delivered directly to their final destination. However, most of it will be repackaged and shipped from Lviv to various destinations that are unsafe for travel, even into occupied territories. Stay tuned for more about that.

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