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Generosity Abounds

Now in Frankfurt, and things are congested outside the airport because of the security strike today. Since I don't have to leave the transit area, the secure side of the airport, we are not impacted by that. I'm really liking the way this is shaping up, because now there's time to say "THANKS!" to all of you who have contributed so generously to this effort. Here are a few pictures of donated items, starting with a safety jacket donated by a supplier to TX DOT for 'highway men' (appropriate practically as well as metaphorically, don't you think?). Not only was the jacket and a similar vest donated, they even overnighted them to the silk screener who magnanimously put our logos on them for free. What gift that will be greatly appreciated in the harshness of a Ukrainian spring.

Then, there are the laminated Bible passage cards printed in English, Polish and Ukranian - a result of so many in the design, printing, laminating and delivery. Only by their dedicated effort would these words of encouragement be able to arrive to the hand and the eyes and the heart of someone who may be in need of them now. Here are some examples, showing the front and back sides of the card in pairs. Note that he flags identify the langauge on each card:

Other contributions not pictured include over a dozen fluffy blankets, more than 500 toothbrush and paste kits, basic medical supplies and I don't know how many (dozens) greeting cards, hand written and painted by community kids and adults working together to bring light to some little kids' dark place over here. So, sooo, soooooo many of you have been amazingly generous in thought and action, not to mention the hundreds of financial contributions that have been gifted. It is truly an honor to represent you all in the coming weeks as we share the love of Christ and of community in practical, tangible ways. Thanks to each of you for your involvment and your prayers. Thank you. THANK YOU!

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