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Headed to Ukraine

Here is another van load of food and medicines. The poor axles on this van must be bowing because it has right at a ton of cargo in it! It is heading into Ukraine tomorrow to a number of places. Leaving at 6AM with one passenger, we will pick up a couple more about 1.5hrs from here in Rzeszow (say THAT theee times real fast!) and the 4 of us will cross the border together. The idea is to drop these three guys off where they need to go in Lviv and Ternopil, and then head to Bohorochany. There we will repackage and ship the food to several destinations in conflict zones. As many of you know, Angelica and I have been 'smuggling' food and aid to our family in Venezuela for years now. Well, over here there is a service similar to that, and they will take our repackaged ton of cargo, and get it to churches out of our reach.

As you can imagine, fuel is in short supply over there, and I fully intend to have enough to get back in a day or two. Where's a 5gal jerry can when ya need one?!

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Drive carefully. Go with our prayers.

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