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Impulsive Goodwill

Here is what happens when good intentions and haste meet a lack of knowledge of what is really needed. Too often, well-intentioned people hastily jump into action and send things they imagine might be helpful. In the end, not only might they not helpful, they may create a burden on local aide workers who now have to do something with it. It occupies space and manpower that could be used productively elsewhere.

This is why we wanted to get our feet on the ground here and do some legwork before offering anything. I can assure you now that YOUR generosity is getting traction in a highly productive way. All food and supplies we deliver are highly targeted, most of the time to a specific group of individuals who are known to us or our affiliates. Some of these people have been hunkered in shelters without a bite to eat for two weeks or more. Life is on a dire edge for many. In a later post, I will show photos of a delivery made to people in a besieged city to be left unnamed at this time. But, free men and women moved at mortal risk to themselves to complete the last mile of some of our deliveries. You see the news stories on news channels elsewhere. You should know that YOUR donations are making a difference in THOSE places.

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