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Left High, and Not-So-Dry

Updated: May 4, 2022

As you know from an earlier post we got a second van to caravan with the red one into Lviv, Ukraine! Twice the vans means twice the food going in!!

While we loaded the second van full at Makro, the red van took off and headed east. The plan was to meet up just on the Ukrainian side of the border and then carry on together to the Lviv depot an hour or so in. But, as y'all know, sometimes there are costs that cannot be determined by a calculator. Here is a short series of photos that happened about 120 miles from my temporary home in Krakow.

The prognosis is a blown head gasket and a thrown rod. The engine block has a 3 inch diameter hole in the side where the rod blew out, so this van's going nowhere. Not to worry, though! Sergei, A friend from Ukraine, came across the border with his truck, we offloaded our cargo into his truck and he took it back to Ukraine and delivered it to its intended destination. When challenged, we improvise and overcome.

The moral of these last few posts is if you try and at first don't succeed, get up and try again. If the send attempt is also a bust, you still gotta get-up-and-go again. Tomorrow, we go again.

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