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Little Houses

The need for some kind of provisional accommodation for people who have lost everything is extreme. Winter comes early here, and many, many villages are completely devastated with little shelter to survive the harshness of a Ukrainian winter. In our chosen village of Moshchyn, 80% of all structures have been destroyed. Here are some examples of small houses that we hope to provide at least to a few families. We have identified a local manufacturer of these homes who has a completely integrated operation. They bring the logs in from the forest, mill them into lumber, dry them and then build the completed shelter. We had anticipated having to mfr these ourselves, but thankfully, setting up such an operation has already been done. We are in the process of talking to villagers about needs and dimensions and will be posting more about this next week. These little shelters cost in the neighborhood of $4,000USD each (some slightly more, and others slightly less), unfurnished but placed on the lot in the village of Moshchyn. If you would like to participate specifically in this project, please let me know and write 'little houses' on any donation. Thanks in advance.

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I want to give for a "little house" in Moshchyn & will forward this opportunity to friends both in & outside of Brenham. Is Knowable Truth the 501c3 to which they should make a check? Should they mail it to Brenham National Bank or to Faith Mission?

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