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On the Road Again... Still

It has been a busy couple of days. Back from Germany collecting the tourniquets and hemostatic agents and gauze, and setting up the logistics of delivery of those across multiple geographic areas. Thirty six of fourty eight hours driving, even on very nice German and Polish highways is a haul. With a few hours of down time in Krakow, I had a chance to help out at Tauron Arena at the immigration processing center where the ladies serve up soup and also have Bibles laying on the table. If anyone asks about the books, or expresses interest, Julia, Olga, Natalya or one of the other ladies will show it to them and explain what it is. Interesting how many 'customers' simply pick one up and ask if they can have it.

I now am headed back to Ukrain to do more deliveries. This poor old van is like an ol' faithful, sway-backed, knock-kneed steed who thinks he is still in his prime. I am beginning to relate, and so we have come to an agreeable deténte. I take it easy on him, and he stays faithful to the mission of bringing me back. Going on these deliveries is one thing, but we never want to lose sight of the importance of getting home.

As you will see in the picture, we are now including power generators and extension cords as part of our relief efforts. Power is in short supply, and is needed for everything from cell phones to coffee pots. Constant shelling is doing a good job of turning out the lights. We are trying to turn on the lights, both physically as well as metaphorically. Life is all about bringing light to a dark place.

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