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Prayers Answered!!

After our surprise fiasco taking the rented van into Ukraine that I mentioned a few posts ago, we have been prayerful to find another truck or van that we could use to revisit that mission. Well... after only one day, a local church came up with not only a van I can use, but a driver as well - and he is very familiar with the process at the border. Not only that, but this van is twice as big as my original one!! That means twice as much stuff can be delivered!

So, tomorrow morning back to the Hypermarket to purchase a couple tons of rice, beans, flour, oil, etc - all the basics, along with medical items. Then Tuesday at the crack of dawn, head east back into Ukraine!! There is no geo-fence to shut us down this time. So what's the lesson in this? Prayerful Perseverence Pays off. If at first you fail, get up, dust yourself off, prayerfully seek guidance and get ready to go again! Opposition to His work is to be expected.

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