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Rehab Heroes

There is a network of rehab facilities across northern Ukraine affiliated with one of the churches we work with. Here are some photos of two such facilities, and the guys who stay there. I stayed a couple nights at the first one pictured, just outside Kyiv. The guys there have a heart for service, bit an obvious inability to leave. So... we made a team effort out of preparing 5 generators for the surrounding communities! Here, when you get a new generator, you must assemble it, put oil in the motor. Only then can you put in gas and test it.

While Jan, Zhenia (the two guys with black baseball caps in the photo) and I were busy procuring additional food and supplies to give the villages, all the rehab heroes got the generators ready to go! Because of the lack of time, without their help, we would've had to give away unassembled, untested generators. With their involvement, though, we gave generators that offered immediate light, as seen below:

EVERYBODY has a part to play!

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