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Only one - Victoria

There is a young woman, Victoria, perhaps late 20's who lives in a small village near Kyiv. Victoria was thrown away in the trash at birth. Someone found her and raised her, allbeit apparently in an abusive home. She is now on her own, and that means 'on-her-own' - alone. Once the situation recently cleared sufficiently upon the redeployment of Russian troops elsewhere, she was able to have a pending surgery and is now convalescing. Imagine... no food. Alone. Healing. Overlooked. Not even a dot on a national statistic. She is just one example of many, of a person or small group of people who we are trying to reach. One person at a time. One little group at a time. One basement or bomb shelter at a time. One small little dark place after another. They are the so-called 'meaningless' ones - just the 'crumbs' who fall from the table of 'national statistics' and are overlooked and forgotten. If there is only one thing to emphaticize about this whole endeavor folks... this is about the PEOPLE, not the numbers.

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