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Village of Mochun

This is the village of Mochun, about 5km from Bucha, near Kyiv. While Bucha is the village where a large percentage of the population were either killed or had unspeakable atrocities committed against them, Mochun as a village was nearly wiped off the map. The first is where humanity was hammered. The second is where all habitation was nearly destroyed. This is the former gov't building for the village. The ground floor has been converted to a humanitarian provision center. This center is run by a woman named Tanye (pictured) , a former resident who evacuated out about a month ago and has just recently returned.

This facility offers clothing, food and supplies to residents of the surrounding communities,and those from Mochun who wish to return. We are now aligned with them, and are going back there tomorrow to take as many generators and supplies as we can get tonight. We are hoping to deliver the generators and 4 tons of food for this healing but way-broken community of people.

Meanwhile, today we are in Poltava meeting a person from Kharkiv to deliver 2 tons of food and medical supplies. Meanwhile, we are waiting out an air raid siren before continuing. May as well have a cuppa coffee!

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