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Welcome to Knowable TRUTH!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

a Christ-centered, charitable non-profit

Hey, as a Southerner, we always start with a handshake. Here, a simple "Hey, I'm Bill!" will do. I'm a husband, and father of five, born in Texas and raised around the world as a third-culture kid. Having studied world-religions throughout my life, I have come to know there is a truth which is absolute, and it is knowable.

Bill Rigsby- Master's graduate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, founder of Knowable TRUTH, Knowable TRUTH blog writer

I believe it is no coincidence our paths crossed. Are you ready to seek answers to the longest-standing questions of human-kind about our origin, meaning, morality, and destiny? Are you looking to satisfy those curiosities you may have been feeling for a long time? Needing resources to expand your Biblical knowledge? Ready to join arms with our outreach? Glad you're here. I was there too, searching for answers... and now that I've wondered, searched, excavated, got my hands dirty, and submitted to the quiet call of the Holy Spirit on my life, I have been led to the source of truth and eternal hope. I would like to share the myriad reasons I have for this hope. That is what this site is all about.

The Mission & Vision for KnowableTruth

In addition to introducing myself, let's introduce the elephant in the room - KnowableTruth. KnowableTruth is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to offering evidence for the truthfulness of the Bible, studying and teaching others to understand its meaning, and apply it to our collective lives.

Let me tell you more about it in the below introductory video...

Get Involved!

KnowableTruth's primary focus at present is to contribute in whatever way possible to the relief effort in Ukraine. In representation of literally hundreds of individual contributors, I will be departing on a flight to Poland tomorrow, Monday, arriving Tuesday. I am humbled, encouraged and inspired by the generosity, creative energy and prayers of my surrounding community poured out towards the Ukrainian crisis. While much has been and is being done, much more is needed. If you feel led to share in this ministry please subscribe and follow this blog to stay up-to-date on the needs on the ground as we post updates here as regularly as circumstances allow. There will be a need for prayer, supplies of different kinds, financial contributions, either to KnowableTruth or to NGO's or other entities on the ground that are identified as being ethically responsible and who may have better traction on the ground there. There may even be space for volunteer assistance on the ground for those willing and able to go. Please stay up-to-date and subscribe. Sharing this blog and website,, with your friends and family or in any way you deem appropriate.

In times like this, we are called to action, and I encourage you to be prayerful and to respond as led. My heart is burdened for the human tragedy that is unfolding and hope to bring a message of life and of light at a very dark time, but without using many words. Actions will speak more loudly than words. I go prepared for a difficult circumstance but with the confidence of knowing Christ, knowing the Gospel, and trusting He is present in even the most despairing of places. He moves through His people, and I expect that the community reading this blog with send a strong message of hope to hurting people at a very difficult time.



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